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Terms and Conditions

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The website (‘this website’) is owned and operated by Future Promoter Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 90 167 800 580; AFSL 482684), which is part of the Future Super Group. The information on our online channels are issued by Future Super Investment Services Pty Ltd (ABN 55 621 040 702, AFS Representative No. 001271441), which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Future Promoter Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 90 167 800 580, AFSL 482684), as the Promoter of the Future Super Fund (‘the Fund’ ABN 45 960 194 277, RSE Registration R1072914).

By accessing this website or by viewing our online channels, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

General information only

All information provided is general in nature only and does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please read the relevant Product Disclosure StatementTarget Market Determination and Financial Services Guide available at and consider whether Future Super is appropriate for your needs. We recommend you consider seeking independent personal financial advice before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, interests in the Fund.


The information contained within our online channels are believed to be accurate at the time of compilation and are provided by Future Promoter Holdings in good faith. However, the use of our online channels are at your sole risk.

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Third party information and materials

Our online channels may provide information, articles and material that are written and prepared by people who are not employees or representatives of Future Promoter Holdings. Such material is provided for your convenience and information only. The material will be clearly identified as the product of a third party. Future Promoter Holdings is not responsible for the contents or accuracy of this material, and the opinions expressed in the material should not be taken as recommendations or opinions of Future Promoter Holdings.

Issuer and promoter details

Interests in the Future Superannuation Fund are issued by Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited (ABN 50 055 641 757, RSE Licence L0001458, AFSL 229757) as trustee of the Future Superannuation Fund (ABN 45 960 194277; RSE Registration R1072914). The Future Superannuation Fund is administered by Apex Superannuation (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 28 081 966 243; AFSL 238507). Insurance cover is provided to eligible members by AIA Australia Limited (ABN 79 004 837 861; AFSL 230043).

The Founder, Promoter and Investment Manager of the Future Superannuation Fund is Future Super Investment Services Pty Ltd (ABN 55 621 040 702; AFS Representative No. 001271441), which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Future Promoter Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 90 167800 580; AFSL 482684) and a member of the Future Super Group. The trustee does not in any way endorse, warrant, or accept responsibility for any services provided by the Promoter in its own right or directly to members or prospective members.

Legal effect of documentation

The offer to invest in the Future Superannuation Fund is contained in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for this Fund. Anyone wishing to invest in the Fund will need to read the PDS and complete the relevant join form.

This website does not take the place of the legal document known as the Trust Deed which governs the operation of the Fund. The Trust Deed is binding on the Trustee, the Promoter and the members of the Fund. If any dispute arises concerning benefits or any other aspect of the Fund, the Trust Deed (and the law) will always be the final authority.

About returns performance

Return of capital and the performance of your investment in the Fund is not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Figures showing a period of less than one year have not been adjusted to show an annual total return. Figures for periods of greater than one year are on a per annum compound basis.

Calculating returns for superannuation

Net investment returns are calculated using prescribed standard methods and assumptions, and take into account administration and investment fees, taxes and other costs. The standard calculations are based on a member with an account balance of $50,000, which will not be relevant to all members. The standard calculations do not allow for the effect of contributions to your account, insurance fees or various other matters.


Each investment option in the Fund is unitised. The unit price for each option is calculated every business day and takes into account any change in the value of the assets held by the investment options, as well as applicable fees and taxes. Every member of the Fund will have the same unit price for the relevant option applied to their investments. As the unit price fluctuates, so too will your account balance, as your balance is calculated as the number of units you hold, multiplied by the unit price on any particular day. For all benefit payments (including rollovers and withdrawals) and contributions, the unit price from the date when the contribution or benefit payment request was received will be used (provided that all relevant supporting information has also been received).

Buy-sell spread

The buy-sell spread is an adjustment to the unit price to create a difference between the entry and exit price for the investment option. It is designed to cover the transaction costs when you make a contribution or a withdrawal so that these costs are not passed onto other investors. The buy-sell spread is built into the unit price and therefore does not appear on your member statements. The buy-sell spread is not paid to the manager of the Fund. The buy-sell spread for each investment option is reviewed from time to time and may change. If the buy-sell spread is changed, it will be updated on this website.

Applications to invest

Applications to invest in the Fund can only be accepted if you live in Australia and must be made in Australian Dollars.