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What is divestment?

Put simply, divestment is the opposite of investment. It is the act of selling assets for moral, political or financial reasons.

Divestment is an effective tactic for influencing positive change. Famous examples include divestment from South Africa in the former era of apartheid, divestment of the Arms Trade, and Tobacco industry divestment.

Future Super is part of the fossil fuel divestment movement. Fossil fuel divestment is the process of selling off assets in companies that mine, process or burn fossil fuels. Future Super has also divested from companies that provide finance or services to the fossil fuel industry, such as Australia's big four banks.

The fossil fuel divestment movement is dedicated to moving out of fossil fuel companies. This undermines the social licence of the industry by telling them that they are no longer welcome to continue operating.

As well as individuals divesting their personal finances, many different organisations have also committed to divest. These include universities, churches, city councils, philanthropic organisations, insurance companies, and huge sovereign wealth funds.

Find out more about the fossil free movement here at Go Fossil Free.