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What is Baby Bump?

Baby Bump is a refund of the annual dollar-based administration fee for the time you are on parental leave, up to a maximum of 12 months (equivalent to $60).

We created Baby Bump for two reasons:

  • Employers don't have to pay super when you take parental leave, and
  • Primary carers (who are historically mostly women) are more likely to take parental leave than other carers.

These two factors contribute to the startling gender inequality in super - that, on average, women retire with 42%* less super than men. So Baby Bump is Future Super's baby step towards making super more fair for our members.

You don't have to be the birth parent to take advantage of our Baby Bump policy however. If you have welcomed a new child into your family and taken parental leave or left work to care for that child, you can apply for the Baby Bump regardless of your gender.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply please see this page.

*See Closing the super gender gap (Philip Clark for ABC 2021)