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What are my fees paying for?

Like all super funds, Future Super needs to charge fees so that we can run our business and ensure that your money is having the most impact that it can. Fees pay for things like establishing and administering your account, investing your money, running our tech systems, and our wonderful Member Advocacy team.

Our members pay direct fees (also known as dollar-based fees), and percentage-based fees. All of our investment options have a dollar-based administration fee of $60 per annum, and percentage-based administration and investment fees, indirect costs and buy-sell spreads, that vary depending on which investment option you are invested in. Information about these fees is published on our website under each investment option, and on the investment option overview page.

Individual members may also pay direct activity fees, such as insurance premiums, if they elect to take up an optional benefit provided by the Fund, such as life insurance.

Our members are the most important thing to us, and, as such, it is our intention to reduce our fees over time and as we grow.

For a detailed breakdown of fees, how we apply them and more information on our services, please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Additional Information Booklet and the Financial Services Guide.