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How do I find out if Protecting Your Super impacts me?

For your account to be affected under Protecting Your Super, the following criteria would need to be met:

  • Your whole account balance must be less than $6,000 at the time of reporting;
  • You have not received an amount for crediting into your account (such as rollovers or contributions) within the last 16 months;
  • You have not satisfied a prescribed condition of release;
  • There is no insurance on the account;
  • You have not amended your insurance cover in the past 16 months;
  • You have not made or amended a binding nomination of beneficiaries.

What classifies an Inactive low balance account (ILBA):

An Inactive low balance account is essentially a super account with a balance below $6,000 and none of the actions as stated in the above section have occurred in the past 16 months. The result of this is that the balance will be transferred to the ATO.

What classifies an Inactive account for insurance purposes:

An inactive account for insurance purposes is where contributions have not been received in your account for the past 16 months and that you have not let us know that you'd like to continue to hold insurance cover.

Reporting dates:

The dates for super funds to report inactive low balance accounts each year are 30th June and 31st December.

To find out more:

To find out your super balance, you can log in to your online account or contact our team on 1300 658 422 or

You can learn more about the rules around inactivity and how the Protecting Your Super laws may affect you on theATO website and theAPRA website.