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Does Future Super offer insurance?

Future Super offers opt-in insurance. You can apply for cover for the following types of insurance:

  • Death Only
  • Death & Total Permanent Disablement (TPD), and
  • Income Protection

Death Only and Death & TPD cover helps provide you or your dependents (as applicable) with a lump sum payment in the event that you die, suffer a terminal illness, or you become totally and permanently disabled (where you have Death & TPD cover).

Income Protection cover provides you with a monthly income calculated in accordance with the relevant insurance policy (b'Monthly Benefit') in the event that you become Partially Disabled or Totally Disabled and a Sickness or Injury causes you to be unable to work and earn an income.

Po;?lease visit this page on our website for an overview of our insurance process.

You can read more about our insurance offerings and the terms and conditions in our Insurance Guide,Product Disclosure Statement,Additional Information Booklet andFinancial Services Guide.

Before applying for insurance, you may wish to review the possible premiums you may be subject to. To check what premiums may apply, you can get a quote for any of the types of coverage using our online quote tool here.

When you first join Future Super you have 60 days to apply for ourEasy Opt-InStandard Cover via youronline account. This option is only available for Death Only and Death & TPD cover and will provide a standard amount of cover based on your age and occupation. The standard amount of cover changes in accordance with your age on your next birthday. The premiums for Standard Cover are based on your age next birthday, sex and occupation.

Please note, Easy Opt-in Insurance will commence only once you have a balance in your account. You can read more about Easy Opt-In Standard Cover on page 5 of theInsurance Guide.

If you currently hold insurance with a different super fund, you may be eligible to transfer your cover. Email us to find out more.

Note: Insurance is not available for pension account holders.